Heiress Productions, Inc.

Honoring the hope and dream of the African slave by providing reparations for the mind, body, and spirit

We present a variety of Legacy Showcases performances and events (stage plays, discussions, workshops, films, black history exhibits, children's activities and more) to empower, inspire, and educate descendants of the African slave (that's all of us, as we all originated from Africa) while honoring their hopes and dreams.  These hopes and dreams include:

- liberty and justice for all (including blacks all over the world)

- recognition and acknowledgement of blacks as powerful people

- unity amongst diasporic and non-diasporic blacks worldwide

- black pride

- education of black history

- mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional reparations for blacks world wide for the brutality, injustices, oppression, and loss inflicted upon both diasporic and non-diasporic Africans throughout the generations to today

Support our endeavors to empower, inspire, and educate descendants of African slaves through our productions

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