Heiress Productions, Inc.

Honoring the hope and dream of the African slave by providing reparations for the mind, body, and spirit


Helping Africans- both diasporic and non-diasporic- to thrive as individuals, educationally, and vocationally  

Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, CEO of Heiress Productions, Inc., visited Ghana, Africa for the first time during The Year of the Return, the 400th year since the first slave ship docked in Virginia, in 2019, to attempt to get to the root of the heart of her people in Africa so she could better understand those of African descent not only in Africa, but those in America and throughout the diaspora. Contrary to popular belief, people of Africa can be quite industrious, entrepreneurial-minded, extremely kind, respectful, and hospitable.  They seemed to work out their issues through open communication until they came to an understanding.  Due to the fact that in many African nations, females are considered to be less important than men, unfortunately, many lack educational opportunities, and the opportunity to access the worldwide web, making it difficult for them to compete with global society.  As most of us can imagine, many of the conveniences (toilets, paved roads, inside markets, computers, clean water, etc.) some of us throughout the diaspora are fortunate enough to enjoy, are often lacking in Africa.  

Although many Africans perceive diasporic blacks and others as being rich, and as their only hope for prosperity, and will frequently even outwardly ask for money, Dr. Lawrence believes it is best to help Africans to prosper by teaching them to fish as opposed to giving them fish, so that they will be self-sustained.  It is our goal, therefore, to urge not only Africans, but those of African descent all over the world to be empowered to become prosperous by providing conferences to help them: 

1. believe that God is who He says He is, and can and will do what He says He can/will, and that through His son, Jesus, and when we live righteously, we can do all things 
2. renew their minds so that they will realize that they have what it takes for them to prosper
3. begin their journey toward prosperity by using what little they now have in their hands
4. become a help on the road to others, in spite of the little they may have, as opposed to looking for handouts so that nations, communities, families, and individuals will be blessed
5. practice giving, as we reap what we sow, and when we give, more will be given to us 

Heiress Productions, Inc. provides the following programs to empower women (and men) and girls (and boys) in Africa (and throughout the diaspora) with a mind-set to attend and remain in school, graduate, learn vocational skills, attend and graduate from college, become whole, and thrive in professional employment, and even leadership positions. 

Education Scholarships
(School tuition)

Many African girls (and boys) do not have the opportunity to attend school either because they are needed at home for the more laborious tasks (child and elderly care, cooking, cleaning, fetching water and wood), or because they do not have the money to pay for their education.  GO GALS provides educational scholarships and/or funding for domestic help so that girls (and boys) are able to attend school.  In exchange for providing for scholarships and/or domestic help, children will volunteer their time to make GO GAL (menstrual) pads.

Empowerment Workshops and Seminars

(Empowerment to thrive)

Because gross disparities and inequalities exist between males and females in Africa, and because of the negative impacts of slavery in America and other places throughout the diaspora, there is a serious need for female (and male) education and empowerment as individuals.  Heiress Productions, Inc. provides workshops and seminars to women and girls (boys and men) so that descendants of slaves will thrive in the following areas:
- relationships 
- self worth
- finances
- purpose
- healthy living

Vocational Center

Through the GO GALS program, we will purchase land and build a vocational center whereby students will be able to learn:
- sewing
- hair braiding
- jewelry making
- construction

Once these skills are mastered, graduates will be able to use them for entrepreneurial and employment pursuits.


(School attendance)

Imagine a young girl sitting in her classroom seat all day, afraid to move until everyone has left the room.  Totally embarrassed, she misses out on recess, lunchtime, and socializing with the others because her monthly period has started and she cannot afford to purchase sanitary pads to attend to her needs.  Eventually, she either drops out of school or compromises her self worth by selling her body to afford pads.  Unfortunately, this phenomena is all too common in places such as Uganda, Ghana, and other countries throughout Africa, impacting the lives of millions.  

We accept donations on behalf of GO GALS to purchase sewing machines, fabric, and supplies so that children in Africa will be able to create reusable sanitary towels so that girls will be able to remain in school. 

Partner with us to help gals in Africa GO get an education and vocational skills. 

Your tax-deductible donations are 
gladly accepted and greatly appreciated!