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Honoring the hope and dream of the African slave by providing reparations for the mind, body, and spirit

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Sarah's Daughters 

African sisters uniting worldwide  

to support, encourage, mentor, and advise

Between the 17th through 19th centuries, hundreds of thousands of Africans were stripped from their native land- some sold/traded as indentured servants, some as kidnapped individuals- to become part of the brutal trans-Atlantic slave trade in what became known as the United States of America. They were sold off to slave owners in the south to work on their plantations from sun up to sun down.  Millions died on this horrendous voyage.  The threat of family members being torn apart and sold to other plantation owners was ever-present.  Marriages between slaves were often against the law.  The unity of African American families (especially with the male as head) has been greatly compromised from the times of slavery to the introduction of welfare in the home under the condition that the black male be out.  Even on the plantations, we were separated by house and field, light and dark, runners and stayers.  Then later, "Back-to-Africa" and Americans, Martin and Malcolm, city and country, ghetto and educated.

In addition to blacks being divided, it's no secret that women in general can also be very divided.  We believe that not only would African sisters benefit from coming together all over the world as part of one family, that is really what we all want.  Imagine the fun we could have together and the support we could receive from each other.  Imagine how much we could learn from each other.  Imagine what a wonderful world our world will be when we come together as sisters in love and in harmony.